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When: Friday, September 16th - 6:30 - 9:00pm

Where: Strikers Snr. Soccer Club 117 McClelland Drive Langwarrin

Presentation Night Information:

  • PLEASE NOTE – There will be limited table seating. ONE table will be allocated PER TEAM for players to eat and drink. There will be some additional guest seating, however there will be plenty of room to stand and mix.

  • Attendees will be provided with Pizza; a softdrink or water; and children will be provided with an ice-cream.

  • Other drinks (including alcohol) will be available at bar prices.

  • Please note that all players, coaches and committee members are FREE! All additional attendees are $5.00 once confirmed.

** Once all attendance requests are placed, payment totals and instructions will be posted in each Team Chat.

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